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We know that it’s critical for you to choose a flexible CMS that will adapt to technology as it changes. A key component of this flexibility is separating content from presentation. That's why we use Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4 platform for the development. Moreover, the architecture of the Arrow CMS facilitates developers with the separation of presentation, logic and data, which improves the maintenance and scalability

We also use best practices for development deployment of ArrowCMS, with easy-to-use APIs. Latest technologies and libraries such as HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery and Json are used in order to adopt all the advantages of latest technologies achievements. ArrowCMS integrates directly with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 / 2012 and gives developers a fast, streamlined development experience by letting them use the tools with which they are already familiar. 

The use of patterns and programming techniques that every developer is keen on, are also applicable. No need of limitation on programming styles.

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